Guided meditations on the Anapanasati teachings on meditation

The Meditation Circle has been discussing “Getting to Know the Breath” as its theme for 2012. To that end, we have referred several times to the Anapanasati Sutta in which the Buddha describes the practice of breath-centered meditation. (Find a link to that sutta and other teachings about this kind of meditation at this link.) Thad, one of the co-facilitators of the Meditation Circle, also has played some talks on this sutta at past gatherings, drawn from the website. If you missed the meetings where that happened, here is a link to the talk and others related recordings of a Dharma Practice¬† series on Anapanasati Practice, offered by Gil Fronsdal. Look for the talks at the top of the page, dated May 30, 2008. These guided meditations will be very useful to those seeking to deepen their understanding of breath-centered meditation in the Buddhist tradition.

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