When thinking is not enough

“It is undeniable that others and the larger world, so beleaguered at this moment in history, need everything that we have to give. But what to give is the problem. It seems finally clear that we cannot find out what to do simply by thinking about it. We need to gain our inspiration and our direction from much deeper sources.”

~ -Reginald Ray, “Looking Inward, Seeing Outward”


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1 Response to When thinking is not enough

  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I like the idea of digging deep to find skillful paths to solving our problems. I’ve been focusing on climate issues and would like to invite others who want to share insights, feelings, and action ideas to get in touch with the new group WV 350 Reversing Climate Change. 350 parts per million CO2 is a safe level of CO2 in the atmosphere we aspire to. Presently we are at 392 ppm and rising. email – wv350rcc@gmail.com

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