Our Goal

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As meditators, we must all have a goal,for if we do not, and blindly follow somebody’s instructions on meditation, we will simply be groping in the dark.There must certainly be a goal for whatever we do consciously and willingly. It is not the vipassana meditator’s goal to become enlightened before other people or to have more power or make more profit than others. Meditators are not in competition with each other for mindfulness.

Our goal is to reach the perfection of all the noble and wholesome qualities latent in our subconscious mind.This goal has five elements to it : purification of mind, overcoming sorrow and lamentation, overcoming pain and grief, treading the right path leading to attainment of eternal peace, and attaining happiness by following that path. Keeping this fivefold goal in mind, we can advance with hope and confidence.”

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana- Mindfulness in Plain English

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