Fall edition of The Forest Path Buddhist newsletter now out


A photo from the newsletter, taken during the June 21, 2015 ordination of Ayya Dhira bhikkhuni at Anenja Vihara in Bavaria.

The Fall 2015 edition of The Forest Path, the newsletter of the Bhavana Society Therevadan Buddhist Forest Monastery is now out. The issue has a variety of features devoted to the recent ordination of a bhikkhuni, a female Buddhist nun, in Germany, the first such ordination in Europe in history. The ordination is part of an ongoing revival of the bhikkhuni order within Therevada Buddhism. Among the features in this issue:

• Into the Future With An Open Heart:  A Reflection on the European bhikkhuni ordination by Mangala Bhikkhu
• Ask Bhante G: A View From Germany and the first European Therevada Bhikkhunī Ordination
• On Resident Life
• Listening In on the Lives of the First Buddhist Women
• A Day of Great Joy

Click here to download a pdf of the newsletter: http://bhavanasociety.org/newsletters/issue/fall_newsletter_20151

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