Introduction to Meditation Retreat sign-up


The main meditation hall at the Bhavana Society.

For those interested in a formal introduction to meditation in  a retreat setting, the Bhavana Society Therevadan Buddhist Monastery and retreat center in High View, W.Va., is offering an “Introduction to Meditation” retreat for beginners, led by Bhante Seelananda, from Thursday, Aug. 18 to Sunday, Aug.  21.

Registration for Bhavana retreats opens 30 days before they begin, which should be Monday, July 18. Bhavana retreats fill fast, so if interested consider registering as soon after midnight as July 18 dawns as possible.

Bhavana retreats are offered in the traditional fashion of Buddhist teachings— free. But as the monastery survives entirely on donations (or ‘dana‘ to use the Pali term), donations are welcome to help keep the place going.

Here is more on this and other Bhavana retreats for 2016.
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Here is more on the concept of ‘dana.’


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