Summer 2016 “Forest Path” Newsletter Online


The Summer 2016 edition of “The Forest Path,” the online newsletter of the Bhavana Society Therevadan Buddhist Monastery and retreat center in High View, W.Va., in Hampshire County, is now online at this link.

From the introduction to this newsletter:

The Summer 2016 edition of the Bhavana Society’s quarterly newsletter features an excerpt from Bhante Seelananda’s new book, “Our Buddha, His Life and Teachings In His Own Words,” a book rich in Dhamma drawn straight from the Buddha’s direct teachings. There’s also an article from Bhavana’s newest fully ordained monk, Bhante Pannaratana, titled “The Walking Dead,” with advice on avoiding the zombie virus of heedlessness — pamada — by understanding its opposite, appamada. Abbot Bhante Gunaratana is featured in another installment of “Ask Bhante G,” in which he talks about how long laypeople should meditate in their daily lives. This issue also introduces a new feature, “Bhavana Moments,” where visitors recall special moments during visits to the Therevadan monastery deep in the West Virginia hills.” | READ ON


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