Winter 2016-17 Newsletter of Bhavana Society Now Available

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The Winter 2016-17 edition of “The Forest Path,” the quarterly of the Bhavana Society Theravadan Forest Monastery in High View, W.Va., is now available for free download from this link:

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Here is an overview of the issue from its introduction:

The Winter 2016 edition of the Bhavana Society’s quarterly newsletter, ‘The Forest Path’,  features the second part of a series on the Four Noble Truths, written by Bhante Mangala. This series seeks to explore the Buddha’s powerful teachings on the nature of suffering in a way that clarifies and engages the reader, asking one to question why we suffer in the first place. Our second article is a review of “The Mindfulness in Plain English Journal,” a new publication by Bhante G and Wisdom Publications. The third article is from our ‘Ask Bhante G’ series, in which Bhante G answers questions posed to him during interviews and retreats. We hope you enjoy this issue of The Forest Path. May you be well, happy, and peaceful, and may you find freedom from suffering.

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