Can I Let This Go?

HERE ARE THREE MINUTES OF some good advice by Bhante Jayasara. A resident monk at The Bhavana Society in Hampshire County, West Virginia, “Bhante J” (as he is called) will visit Charleston and Huntington, W.Va., on Friday, May 10 (Charleston); Saturday, May 11 (Huntington); and Sunday, May 12 (Huntington). His visit is co-sponsored by, the PeaceTree Center for Wellness and Studio 8 and the Huntington meditation group that meets there every Sunday.

NOTE: There are still a few spots left for the silent day-retreat he leads May 11 at the PeaceTree Center near the Huntington Mall. The event is free, with donations accepted to defray travel, meal and donation costs (a vegetarian lunch will be provided). But there is limited space at both the Saturday and Sunday events, so advance registration is required. See details of his visit at the link.

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