RETREAT: Swami Vidyadhishananda leads West Virginia retreat

Charlotte Pritt, who has hosted past Meditation Circle sessions at her Better Balance office in Charleston, W.Va., passes on word of the following event in West Virginia, coming up soon and featuring a renowned Indian teacher. Her e-mail notes: “People from all over the world are flying into West Virginia to experience this retreat, and I want those of us who are close enough to drive to Moundsville to have the opportunity to experience this as well. My fear is that someone will say, ‘Why didn’t someone tell me?  I have been praying for something like this.'”

Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri, recipient of “The Great Ordained Teacher” award/decree given by the Indian Government for exceptional knowledge of Sanskrit and the Vedic heritage, will be offering some of the highest spiritual teachings from June 4-9, 2009 in the New Vrindavan Golden Temple, near Moundsville, West Virginia.

Although Swami Vidyadhishananda Giri has been teaching at International retreats for more than a decade, this is the first time he will be offering this body of teachings.  There are only 200 spaces set aside and devotees from all over the world will be attending. The SāmkhyaTriveni Retreat (mostly silent) is an opportunity to explore the subtler aspects of philosophy, meditation and spirituality.

COST: The cost of the retreat, including meals and lodging for 5 nights, is $395 if registration is completed before May 29th and $450 after that date.

HOW TO SIGN-UP: Registration is open to the first 200 participants. To pre-register and tentatively reserve your spot, please email with your full name, address, phone number and email. You will be emailed a Registration form to fill out and mail back with a check. Unfortunately, the organizers are unable to accept credit cards at this time, but will let you know if this becomes possible.

ACCOMMODATIONS: All rooms in the main lodge and cottages at New Vrindavan are shared. Private bedrooms are not available on-site. Those participants who absolutely need a private room can book hotel accommodation in Wheeling, WV (15 minutes from retreat site), upon approval by His Holiness. Please note that staying off-site will not change the registration donation.

In a letter about the retreat, the Swami writes in part:

Essential principles of creation, sustenance and dissolution through mutation, latency and cognition along with the deeper inquiries about God and consciousness will be explored. What is the conscious entity? Are we evolving? Is our self-awareness eternal? Have we always been around? If we are many how are we all one? Does God have a mind? Are there many overlords for multiple universes? Where is the place for love? Is the path of love connected with service to God? These are some of the inquiries waiting to be resolved.

P.S. Here is an article about the Swami from the Santa Barbara Independent.

P.S.S. Click here for some photos of the must-see “Palace of Gold” in northern West Virginia where the retreat takes place.

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