Dalai Lama at Miami U. in Oxford, Ohio Oct. 20-22

A friend passes along some significant news for those of you within striking distance of Miami University (my old alma mater) about an hour northwest of Cincinnati in Oxford, Ohio ~ Douglas

The Dalai Lama will be visiting Miami University in Oxford, Ohio from Oct. 20-22, 2010 to meet with students and give a public address. There are details on the visit here. but it looks like more specific details will not be announced until Fall. In January 2009, Miami and the College of Higher Tibetan Studies signed an affiliation agreement, launching the Tibetan studies semester program for Miami students in the Dharamsala region of northern India. The program offers courses on Buddhist philosophy, Tibetan medicine and meditation, as well as an intensive sequence of language courses in Chinese, Tibetan and Hindi.

If you have never attended an event featuring the Dalai Lama, I highly recommend you stay atop the details of this one and whatever ticketing or admission process they set up. Miami is a lovely, classic campus in the middle of the cornfields and Oxford is quite the pleasant little town. Here are two articles I wrote of encounters I had along with dear friends at events featuring the Dalai Lama, that will give you a sense of the flavor of an event with him, (depending on the venue and crush of people there, of course). Your Dalai Lama experiences may vary:

~ The Dalai Lama in Belfast
~ Bleacher Buddhism with the Dalai Lama

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