Metta Meditation for the Day

May all beings be happy and secure. May all beings have happy minds.

Whatever beings there may be without exception – weak or strong, long, large, medium, short, subtle or gross, visible or invisible, living near or far, born or coming to birth – may all beings have happy minds.

Let no one deceive another nor despise anyone anywhere. Neither from anger nor ill will should anyone wish harm to another.

As a mother would risk her only life to protect her only child, even so toward all living beings one should cultivate a boundless heart.

One should cultivate for all the world a heart of boundless loving-friendliness, above, below and all around, unobstructed, without hatred or resentment.

Whether standing, walking or sitting, lying down or whenever awake, one should develop this mindfulness; this is called divinely dwelling here.

~ Buddhist metta meditation

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