Meditation is peace, sadness, joy, anger, sleepiness etc.

“Meditation is never one thing; you’ll experience moments of peace, moments of sadness, moments of joy, moments of anger, moments of sleepiness. The terrain changes constantly, but we tend to solidify it around the negative: “This painful experience is going to last the rest of my life.” The tendency to fixate on the negative is something we can approach mindfully; we can notice it, name it, observe it, test it, and dispel it, using the skills we learn in practice.”

~ Sharon Salzberg, “Sticking with It”

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2 Responses to Meditation is peace, sadness, joy, anger, sleepiness etc.

  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Great Quote.

    I’ve been reading “Full Catastrophy Living” to help me deal with sciatic pain. It is a good book and like the quote encourages meditation for paying attention to the whole range of our experience.

  2. admin says:

    Glad it’s helping, Robin. I recently whacked my back and was having trouble sitting on a cushion. But with some chiropractic help I am back on the cushion (which always helps me personally meditate more deeply than a chair) and the sitting has been helping with any residual discomfort.

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