A Long-term Project

John Fornander photo | unsplash.com

“So keep reminding yourself that meditation is a long-term project. When you have a sense of that long arc of time, it’s a lot easier to sit back and work very carefully at the basic steps. It’s like learning any skill. If, in one afternoon, you want to gain all the skills you’re going to need to play tennis, you end up doing them all very sloppily and won’t get the results you want.

“But if you realize that this may take time, you can work on one skill at a time: How do you keep your eye on the ball? How long is your backswing? Take the skill apart step by step by step and be willing to work on small things like this, bit by bit by bit. So, that you really understand them deep down in your bones.”

~ Thanissaro Bhikkhu | “Judicious vs. Judgmental” (Meditations1)

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  1. Sue says:

    thanks for the reminder: return to the basics, day after day

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