WVU meditation study seeks participants

A researcher at West Virginia University is studying compassion meditation and is seeking participants willing to travel to Morgantown, with travel costs covered up to $65. After we heard of the study through a friend, we asked the folks behind the study to describe it a bit more to the Meditation Circle:

Dear Meditation Circle of Charleston: There is a neuro-imaging research opportunity at West Virginia University for a study of compassion meditation for persons with some experience with some type of compassion meditation (visualization, metta/loving-kindness, the four Brahmaviharas, tonglen, etc.). We are testing to see whether compassion meditation has an influence on how we perceive faces with positive vs. negative associations and facial expressions. The study takes about 2 hours to complete and there is financial compensation for your time and also for travel if you live 30 miles or more from West Virginia University (with a cap of 200 miles round trip). If you are interested in learning more about the study, please contact Mary Pettit at WVU at 304-293-6898 or e-mail: mpettit@hsc.wvu.edu. Click poster below to enlarge for more information on the study.

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  1. Andrew Greenbaum says:

    Hi I’m a student at WVU and am trying guided meditation along with audio tracks. I am looking for any groups that practice this in Morgantown, WV. Any information you believe may be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and be well.

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