More on compassion and meditation

The WVU compassion meditation study described in the post below led us to an inspiring link on the Buddhist view of compassion’s role in easing our own disquiet and suffering and that of  other beings with whom we share the world. The link will take you to a rich discussion of the function of compassion  in the Buddhist worldview, written by Ven. Nyanaponika Thera, one of the great interpreters of Buddhist teachings in our day. Here is one choice bit worth recalling daily, as we look around our heads each morning, afternoon and evening and examine where our attention routinely resides. Ven. Nyanaponika writes:

“Meditative development of the sublime states will be aided by repeated reflection upon their qualities, the benefits they bestow and the dangers from their opposites. As the Buddha says, “What a person considers and reflects upon for a long time, to that his mind will bend and incline.”

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