Metta Meditation Talk, No. 1

Listen to Bhante Sujato on types of Buddhist meditation practices.

Starting this month,
the Meditation Circle of Charleston has begun to listen to a wonderful series of talks on meditation by Bhante Sujato, of Santi Forest Monastery in Bundanoon, Sydney in Australia’s Southern Highlands. The talks are on the specific practice of metta or loving-kindness meditation, taught in a methodical fashion by a monk in Bangkok with whom Bhante Sujato has studied. Along the way of introducing this metta meditation practice, Bhante Sujato undertakes an illuminating survey of the different kinds and methods of Buddhist meditation. The talk in the mp3 player above is a shortened version of his introductory talk that I edited down a bit so as to fit into a manageable size for listening at our meeting and online. I encourage you to seek out this and other talks by this very interesting Western monk who trained with Ajahn Brahm and who has a colorful past as a performer.

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